Palmfield Diffusion Inc. was founded in 1998 with a registered
address in B.C. Canada for all of our agreements and contracts
etc. legal function.  All of our operations are in the market
locations with/through our group members worldwide.

Palmfield Diffusion Inc. Group (1998-present) engages in
worldwide High Tech products, Renewable Energy, Energy
Resources, Energy, Green Energy, Agriculture, coating, building
materials, Environment Protection and Management, Scrap
Metal, Iron Ore, Coal, Mineral, Aviation, IT system, Bio
technology, Medical, Safety and Security, Power Plant and
Nuclear Power Plant Project Development, Operation Support,
Security, Admin. Support, Training Development, Radioactive
Waste Management, Waste Management, Construction,
Consulting, Joint Venturing, Subcontracting, Planning, and
Procurement projects etc., as well as management,
Project/Program integration, developing, investing,
manufacturing, producing and purchase representatives etc.

We deal with industry and government leaders for top level
resource, technology and business projects worldwide. Palmfield
Diffusion Inc. Group is mainly located in Asia, Europe and North
America, including investment groups like banks and private
venture capitals along worldwide companies. Palmfield Diffusion
Inc. Group has many groups and teams; that carry out said
businesses. Most projects are working in partnerships with our
group members and customers.

Palmfield Diffusion Inc. Group has developed certain contacts,
goodwill, trust, confidence and promising long-term relations
with the highest level of government apparatus, industry leaders
and worldwide business networks in the past twenty years.
Further growth rewards Palmfield with receiving new projects
and products worldwide.
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